Home Comforts Lending Service

We operate a ‘Home Comforts Lending Service’. With this service, we try to provide anything that will make the life of the patients more comfortable, and that of their carers easier. This service is open to anybody with a serious illness or disability. We can loan you anything from special mattresses, cushions, backrests to footstools.

We can also lend out electric reclining chairs, commodes and commode chairs, raised toilet seats and tables that go over chairs and beds, wheelchairs that fit into boots of cars, or even specialised equipment for the disabled like standing frames. This is only a small mention of over £180,000 worth of medical aids that we have in the community.

Equipment can be supplied directly from ourselves, or if you are getting help from Social Services we can supply equipment via them.

Complementary Services

If required, we can also provide complimentary therapies- Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki etc.

Charity Shop

To maintain an income stream, our Charity Shop and Clothes Shop is well supported by the local community, but we are always prepared to receive clothes, books/toys/bric a brac etc. We also organise house clearances.